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  Chapter One: Downward Mobility
 available May 4th, 2001

  Chapter Two: Concessions
 available June 1st, 2001

  Chapter Three: Conversations at the Convo'
 available July 6th, 2001

  Chapter Four: Straight Back Chairs and Belly Laughs
 available August 3rd, 2001

  Chapter Five: Drinks for Free
 available September 7th, 2001

  Chapter Six: Anything for a free meal
 avaialble October 5th, 2001

  Chapter Seven: Jukebox Jive
 available November 2nd, 2001

  Chapter Eight: Sunshine Daydream
 available December 7th, 2001

  Chapter Nine: Return to Paradise
 available January 4th, 2002

  Chapter Ten: Moving Day
 avaiable February 1st, 2002




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From-the-deck n., pl. (html) A hybrid of Video Game Reviews and straight Fiction. The novel is deadbeats, the reviews are from the hip. From the deck is an ethos of Twenty First Century Living.

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Jack Cain
June , 2001

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Get your links: All The Gaming News & Cheats you'll ever need
Jack Cain
May 7, 2001

    Not all gaming sites are created equal, while there are to many to mention (this one included) few offer a simple interface (no pop ups) and straight forward news coverage. The Adrenaline Vault (Avault) and The Gaming Intelligence Agency (G.I.A.) really do have things down to a science.
    AVAULT has news, downloads amazing coverage and reliable cheats. Their only failings are an inability to hire outside the U.S. (this is the web and your journalists should reflect that, but who am I to judge) my only real gripe is they don't have that many PS2 cheats.
    G.I.A. is hands down the most reliable news source on the web, while other sites might break a story sooner, few seem to have the insight of G.I.A. They have an amazing abundance of screen shots and videos.
    Game Winners have a few sites that either emulate it or are direct subsidiaries, none the less they are not kidding. I will resort to cheat pages because more often than not it is a matter of keeping the game moving at the same pace that the story implies. Game winners seems to have all their bases covered.

The Adrenaline Vault

The Gaming Intelligence Agency

Game Winners

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Chapters are updated the first Friday of every Month

deadbeats: street beat



jackson avery cain

For Your Submission

   The world inhabited by these characters is all too familiar: "freaks and benders flanking this way and that" on an endless quest for meaning in a joblessness that begs for their submission. Deadbeats takes perhaps the most depressing of pursuits, that of seeking employment and brings it home in a satirical manner. Marvin, Nina, Robert and D.G. have more time on their hands than they can consume and so their quest takes the reader on a journey filled with scams, family employment hell, and every conceivable depressing alternative to taking a job.
   The project began in 1994 as a novel, eventually progressing into an as yet unfinished short film. The story itself seems to carry on, and now I have brought about the final evolution coming back to where I started. Deadbeats is part of a grander scheme, a three part trilogy to be called Bachelors. Deadbeats as the first part of the the trilogy takes unemployment and lays it out before the reader in all it's senseless glory.
   My experiences, perched on the boundaries of society have been woven into this story. Ultimately though your friends more than anyone get you through the tough times. Freelance writing has netted some work, writing erotica, but Deadbeats and the novels that follow are where my heart is. Exposing forbidden dreams to the harsh reality of your pals, the only people who will tell you to get a job and get on with it.


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