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Jack Cain
May 7, 2001

In recent months things have changed significantly. Look forward to big changes this fall. I will direct all to my new online home...stay tuned.

 deadbeats   forward

  Chapter One: Downward Mobility

  Chapter Two: Concessions

  Chapter Three: Conversations at the Convo'

  Chapter Four: Straight Back Chairs and Belly Laughs

  Chapter Five: Drinks for Free

  Chapter Six: Anything for a free meal

  Chapter Seven: Jukebox Jive
  Chapter Eight: Sunshine Daydream

  Chapter Nine: Return to Paradise

  Chapter Ten: Moving Day


deadbeats cover photo-street beat



jackson avery cain


        The night of my very first telemarketing job the Gulf War broke out on the air waves. Ever since then things have been down hill. Periodic moments of employment have been broken between desperate searches for better money and working conditions. There are to many people to mention, without whom, this book would never have evolved.
        Thanks to all of them. Particularly however are those few who seem to have always been there. John & Nancy, Lance, Audrey, Barb, and of course Marc & Barbara, without all of you I would have never made it this far. The original version of this tale and this final version have only their characters in common. The characterisations bare no resemblance to people either living or deceased. This work should be taken in the manner in which it is intended, a tongue in cheek inditement of the late twentieth century work ethic, and how we got here.

deadbeats is dedicated in loving memory to my Mother

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